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Intro to Financial Accounting

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This is the perfect start to study accounting, thru this app you will easily & smoothly learn the basics and some advanced matters of financial accounting.This app is suitable for commerce and business undergraduate and MBA students, its also suitable good news for professionals and experienced people who haven’t time to study accounting.We should mention that this app is the first step to become a certified public accountant CPA.This app contains the following chapters:1-Introduction to Accounting2-Methods of Accounting 3- Financial Statements4-Users of accounts and accounting concepts 5-Introduction to Debits and Credits 6- Asset Accounts 7- Liability and Stockholders' Equity Accounts 8- Introduction to Stockholders' Equity 9- Income Statement Accounts 10- The Accounting Cycle: Accounting Process 11- Recording Transactions12- Introduction to Bookkeeping13- Accrual Method14- detailed Accounting techniques15- General Ledger Accounts 16-Chart of Accounts17- Debits and Credits in the Accounts18- Introduction to Payroll Accounting19-Payroll Withholdings: Taxes and Benefits Paid by Employees20 -Accounting for fixed assets21- Depreciation of fixed assets22-Bank Reconciliation23-Adjusting Entries24-Balance Sheet25- Statement of Stockholders' Equity26- Closing Cut-Off and Controls27- Introduction to Ratio Analysis28 - How to become a CPAWhy should we study accounting ?
1st Reason
Accounting is growing field due to increasing of different business regulations . Different international laws is in favour that company accounts must be made under accounting principle so , we should study accounting and its principles
2nd Reason
Accounting have many different area of specialize . You can make specialize in making and maintaining of accounts , internal auditing , Forensic Accounting , independent auditing , management accounting or cost accounting .So in accounting you can make your personality with your specialization . For this you have to study accounting .
3rd Reason
Accounting subject can provide lot of jobs growth opportunities because every company need an accountant . So , they hire accountant and you can make your career in it .
4th Reason
Accouns gives opportunity to move to other areas of business . If you will do finance jobs in different business organizations . You can also learn different practical skills of business , so you can shift your career as a business and enjoy your life with independence . Almost all good businessmen start their career from accounting field , so we should study accounting .
Why Do We Need Accounting?
Accouns Importance to Business
So why do we need accounting? Asking that question of an accountant is like asking a farmer why we need rain. We need accounting because it’s the only way for business to grow and flourish. Accounting is the backbone of the business financial world. After all, accounting was created in response to the development of trade and commerce during the medieval times.Italy is our first recorded source for accounting entries, and the first published accounting work in 1494 was by a Venetian monk.
There are two basic categories of accounting: financial accounting and managerial accounting. Financial accounting is comprised of information that companies make available to the general public: stockholders, creditors, customers, suppliers, and regulatory commissions. Managerial accounting deals with information that is not made public. Information such as salary costs, Cost of goods produced, profit targets, and material control information.